Small Travel Trailer with Theater Seating

With theater-style seating, you do not need desks, tables, or any other furniture. One of the major setbacks when choosing a new travel trailer is the small size of the entrance. The space available and weight are other factors that limit your choices.

The best travel trailers with theater seating offer great comfort and save space too. They are durable, lasting for years, keep the weight in check, and designed to fit the small opening and large chassis. Theater seating is easy to install in travel trailers.

Do not look for regular furniture to fit the entrance of your travel trailer. Get what is built specifically for your travel trailer to save you time and inconveniences.

This article talks about the small travel trailers with theater seating that is best for you.

8 Theatre Seating Small Travel Trailers

1. 2021 Grand Design Imagine 2250RK

Grand Design manufacturers are known for their inspections before delivering products. Their travel trailers are designed better, making them more reliable than their competition. The 2021 Grand Design Imagine 2250RK will be appreciated best by small families.

The bathroom of this travel trailer separates from the rest of the trailer. The travel trailer house four people. More than three people will make it crowded. There are three different spaces within the unit that can be used as living areas.

The dinette is usually opposite of the kitchen, with a footpath between them. The kitchen is at the back of the travel trailer, giving it a large space for a three-burner oven, countertops, microwave, oven, and cabinets.

One of the sides near the wall has a space occupied by two theater seats which are on the opposite of the fireplace, a 40” TV, and a counter. The theater seats are completely featured and double like a couch. The seats have pop-out leg rests and cup-holding armrests. They are heated, they massage, and are very comfortable. You can convert them to a couch by simply lifting the center armrests.

The 2021 Grand Design Imagine 2250RK does have a dinner table. This opens up space. It pairs with a notable layout to build a residential-like space so you can stretch comfortably. There are other substitute surfaces like end cabinets and kitchen counters, so you will not feel like you are missing anything.

This travel trailer has a single slide. The refrigerator, fireplace, and pantry are housed in the slide. This is to maximize space, and you should check it out using the Grand Design website’s 3d viewer.

The Grand Design manufacturers created beautiful bathrooms. The size of the room and the placement of cabinets leaves a lot of space. You will not feel squeezed in the toilet, and the shower is high enough.

The travel trailer has a basic bedroom, but every component is clean and feels quality. The storage here will meet your expectations. The bedroom has his-and-hers closets hanging in the opposite circles.  There are also storage drawers above the bed. The bed is queen-size. There are LED lights for reading. The bedroom is prepped for both cable and TV but does not have a Television.

There are three water tanks in this travel trailer. There are 52 gallons of fresh water, 78 gallons of greywater, and 39 gallons of Blackwater.

The travel trailer’s interior height is 6’7”, and the exterior height is 11 feet. Its exterior length is 27’11”. Its dry weight is 5497 lbs., and its gross weight is 6995 lbs. It also has a water heater, an Aluminum Cage, 15 different floorplans, and a fiberglass cap.

2. 2017 Keystone Outback

Keystone Outback is a sophisticated lightweight travel trailer with rooms. It has upgraded furniture, stylish décor, and vaulted ceilings. You will find everything you are looking for in this travel trailer. Outback has a slide-out to provide you with more space.

You will see the kitchen area as you enter the travel trailer. The kitchen has an L-shaped counter, a refrigerator, a sink, and a three-burner stove. There is a lot of overhead storage, cabinets, and drawers available to store all your utensils.

On the opposite of the kitchen, there is a pantry to store uncooked food. Besides the pantry is a theater seating for two. This gives you more space for sitting.

The dinette is on the front side of the travel trailer and can be converted into a bed for more sleeping space at night.

The living area has a bed sleeper that faces the interior wall. It has an entertainment system too. The side pathway bathroom has a radius shower, toilet, sink, and a storage cabinet. The sliding door leads into the back-end bedroom from the bathroom.

The bedroom has a king-size bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, and an overhead cabinet. With the 2017 Keystone Outback, you can choose an outdoor kitchen, a large back-end entertainment area, and even get a bunkhouse.

3. The Forest River Salem Hemisphere 25RBHL

The Forest River Salem Hemisphere 25RBHL is a slightly big travel trailer. It has a single slide and is about 31 feet. It is equipped with amenities to make up to four people comfortable while sleeping. It also has an air conditioner unit for use on cold days.

This travel trailer has a bathroom at the back-end and a bedroom in the front. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower combination. The countertops have a gorgeous design and blend well with the grey-colored wood cabinets and storage areas.

There is a queen-sized bed with cupboards around it and side tables in the bedroom. There is enough space in the bedroom for one to walk within it.

The Forest River Salem Hemisphere 25RBHL has two comfortable theater seating with separate cup holders. The television is across the theater seating and above the heater. The heater is to keep you warm during winter.

The dinette is black-themed with its own carpet. The dinette table has a marble look that contrasts with the seating giving it has an extraordinary look. There is more storage space under the seats.

The kitchen is a small L-shaped and modern with shiny appliances to explore your cooking. The cabinets are made of glass, and the countertops have a marble look with an attractive backsplash. There is a refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave, and a combination of stove and oven in the kitchen.

The travel trailer Forest River Salem Hemisphere is affordable with classy amenities and beautiful theater seating.

4. 2021 Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE

The Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE is small but mighty. It can hold three people comfortably and has one slide-out.

This travel trailer comes with an air conditioner and is 26 feet long. The 15000 BTU A/C is for combating heat during hot times. The interior is well designed with a layout for saving space.

There are two theater seating with cup holders in the living room. Opposite the theater seating is television to watch your favorite movies and shows. The dinette is across the theater seating. It has padded seating and a dining table with a marble look.

The Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE’s bedroom has a queen-sized bed and storage spaces around. It also has two windows on the sides of the bedroom that can be opened for a breeze. There is a curtain on the entrance to keep the bedroom private from the rest of the trailer.

In the kitchen, the cabinets are lightwood to compliment the wooden vinyl plank floor and the marble countertops. It also has a modern stove, a refrigerator, and a microwave. The corner countertop has a sink with a spigot and dish rack.

The bathroom is small with a skylight for natural light. The skylight also makes the bathroom appear larger than usual. The shower and toilet are standard. The layout enhances the available space to allow for a bathroom sink and cabinets.

5. 2021 Forest River Georgetown 36D7

The Forest River brand has introduced a classy travel trailer known as Georgetown 36D7. This travel trailer is modern and luxurious with impressive appliances and great amenities and features. Its price is moderate. If you are looking for quality, Georgetown 36D7 is the brand for you.

The décor is attractive with white finishes and furniture incorporated with dark wood vinyl floor and Canadian maple cabinets that set off amazing contrast in texture and colors.

The appliances in the kitchen are luxurious. There is a large refrigerator, a stove, and a microwave. The cooking area has sparkling white countertops and a stainless steel tap in the sink.

The dinette is across the kitchen. It has a booth-style seating arrangement with enough space for four people. The dinner table is a duplicate of the kitchen countertops with two cup holders.

The living area has a theater-style seating arrangement for four people. The television and electric fireplace are across the theater seating. The fireplace is in a central place.

At the back-end of this travel trailer are a bathroom and bedroom. The bedroom has a large bed that is in front of the TV. There are storage spaces around the bedroom. It has a private door for privacy if you have additional guests.

The bathroom is small but has enough space. It has two sinks, a toilet, and a fiberglass shower with an in-built seat.

6. 2021 Coachmen – Freedom Express 259FKDS

This 2021 Coachmen- Freedom Express 259FKDS is an upgraded model that comes from Coachmen’s ultra-lite luxury travel trailers. Its design is lightweight and comes with great features. It is affordable too.

This travel trailer is short and lightweight that sits on a wide posture shaft. This travel trailer does not have a backup camera but is prepped for it making it easy to upgrade.

It has incredible interior and exterior storage, which are rare in front kitchen design. This is one of the upgrades. There is also an outdoor kitchen with a sink with a faucet, cabinet, mini-fridge, and high-quality grills.

The indoor kitchen is home-like. Its storage and pantry spaces are amazing. The stainless steel double-basin sink has a high-risen faucet. The counter spaces are large. There is also a microwave, an oven, ad a three-burner stove in the kitchen.

It does not matter your size because the 2021 Coachmen- Freedom Express 259FKDS’ space will work for you unless the slides are closed. The travel trailer is 6’9” tall, has an extensive floor plan, and comfortable theater seating for almost every size and shape.

The bathroom is spacious with a porcelain foot-flush toilet, a shower with an elegant tall glass door. There is also counter space and nice storage.

The bedroom is fitted with a king-size bed which barely fits but leaves enough room to move around the edges.  There are large cabinets overhead the bed, on the sides, and by the foot of the bed. There is a lot of shelves where the television is mounted by the foot of the bed.

7. 2021 Keystone Cougar 22RBS

Keystone has manufactured one of the best small trailers in the market today. The 22RBS is a large travel trailer in a small trailer’s body. Its size is 25 feet and 11 inches.

Most of the small rarely withstand cold temperatures, but this travel trailer can stand winter and is rated for 0-degree temperatures. The furnace lines warm the trailer. They are set next to waterlines to profit from the heat they emit. All these are good in keeping heat inside and cold out of the trailer. The travel trailer has a 35000 BTU heater and 15000 BTU air conditioner. With these two, you do not have to worry about the weather anymore.

2021 Keystone Cougar 22RBS is lightweight but has 2” sidewalls that are heavyweight. This saves money when you use environmental controls. The travel trailer has many windows you can find to get a breeze during hot days. Some windows are large. They are tinted too for privacy.

The frame and the shaft are highly overpowered, making it able to withstand the damaging effects of weight and time. It has an intensified cargo capacity. There is a lot of storage space because of the frame and shaft that provide more space for storage. There is also a large hanging closet that can even fit a refrigerator.

Cooks should celebrate as this trailer has the best kitchen compared to its size. It has large countertops, a lot of storage, an oven, a three-burner stove, a microwave, and a double stainless steel sink with a raised faucet. All these look fantastic.

You can connect your touchscreen command center to your phone. Anything you can control from the panel can be accessed from your phone. This is convenient, and it is becoming common across other travel trailers.

The dinette in the 2021 Keystone Cougar 22RBS is U-shaped. With this travel trailer, you can either choose the dinette or theater seating since only one can fit.

8. 2020 Forest River Rockwood Signature 8328BS

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This model of Forest River is spacious and provides comfort. There are many places you can relax here. There is a three-seater sofa with tables on each side and overhead cabinetry at the back of the trailer’s wall. There are two slide-outs on the living room’s sides with furniture and amenities. The slide-outs are carpeted.

One of the slide-outs has a two-person theater seating with cup holders. There is a table standing with four chairs. There is also enough space between the table and theater seating to move freely.

The other slide-out has the entertainment space and the kitchen. The long countertop stretch along the wall at the back of the kitchen, with in-built amenities alongside it. There is a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, and overhead cabinets that fill up the space. The entertainment center is at the opposite of the kitchen. You will find the fireplace below the TV.

The exterior of the slide-out has an extended outdoor kitchen with a sink, a swing-out stove, and additional counter space.

There is a large space sitting between the slide-outs to provide extra counter space. The sink is right in the middle with enough space around it and an additional extension. If you want to party and have fun with your friends on the road, this is the travel trailer to get.

The pantry is built at the front wall of the living area with an extra storage cabinet.

The bathroom area has two doors. One comes from the living room and the other one from the bedroom. The bathroom has a curved shower, s toilet, sink, linen closet, and a dressing table.

There is a queen-sized bed extending into a slide, creating more walking room in the bedroom. The bed faces the large closet and a shelf on either side. There is also overhead cabinetry for storage. You can also add a TV at the corner of the room.


Travel trailers with theater seating are comfortable and save space. Some travel trailers come with theater seating, and in others, you have to install your own. Make sure you check the size of the entrance before buying the trailer. Ensure you read the small print and check the prices on different camp stores for comparison.

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