Pop Up Camper with Slide Outs (Brands, Recommendations)

A pop up camper is the answer when you want somewhere warm, safe, and equipped to spend your days on an adventure. Some of the best campers come with slide-outs to fit more amenities inside.

Did you know that pop up camper can have more room inside or standard features to add to your comfort? The best pop up campers in the market has slide-outs like sleeping areas, dinette, and kitchen. These make the space livable and comfy for everyone coming along on the journey.

It explains why you might see a camper that seems small, but it can sleep six people. This is because both ends slide out to create ample bed space for king-size, queen-size, or bunk beds inside the pop up- camper. Read on and get to know the best pop up campers with slide-outs.

8 Best Pop up Campers with Slide Outs

1. 2019 Jayco Jay Sport


  • Brand: Jayco
  • Dry Weight: 1895 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 28 gallons
  • Pull Out: 2 sides

Picture this: you get a lightweight but durable camper that you can town on your adventure. The Jayco Jay Sport is one of the best pop up campers that has everything you need. Not to mention, both ends of the camper pull out to give you additional sleeping space.

Here is a pop up camper made using quality tent material that’s waterproof. You and your belongings won’t have to worry about the elements as you camp out. In addition, the material won’t wear and tear fast, giving you more extended service.

The moment you step inside, you meet an interior that suits standard living. As you set up for the night or spend time in a certain area, you can pull out both sides of the tent. One side fits a queen-size bed, while the other is pretty suitable for a bunk bed. About 6 or 7 people can comfortably fit in this camper.

There’s a kitchen inside with a two-burner stove and a sink to clean up after yourself. Additionally, there are some kitchen storage cabinets for your utensils and dry foodstuff. Walk over to the dinette, where you can share a meal with friends and family.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Jayco company website linked here.

2. Starcraft Comet 232MD Pop Up Camper


  • Brand: Starcraft
  • Dry Weight: 5345 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 45 gallons
  • Pull Out: 2 sides

A family requires cozy pop up camper where they can relax while enjoying their trip. The Starcraft Comet pop up camper fits this requirement. It’s a lightweight camper that’s not hard to tow if you have a mid-size SUV or small truck.

This is a slide out pop up camper that extends on both ends to create more room inside. You can fit beds once you set up and extend them. One end fits bunk beds for the kids and other guests while you sleep on the other end on a queen-size bed.

This pop up camper has a dry weight of 5345 lbs and is covered by a tear-resistant waterproof canvas cover. There are clear windows on the camper that allow light to come in. You can watch the outside and even open these windows using zippers.

In the living area, there’s a sizeable dinette where you can sit while having your meals. The kitchen has a stove and sinks, giving you the home feeling out in the wild. All the washing can be done here whole using water from the fresh water tank with a capacity of 45 gallons.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Starcraft company website linked here.

3. Coachmen Clipper Sport


  • Brand: Coachmen
  • Dry Weight: 1558 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 27 gallons
  • Pull Out: 2 sides

Coachmen have a reputation for making some of the finest pop up campers you and your family can use. A good example is the Coachmen Clipper Sport that can sleep up to 6 people. This is possible because of the two slide-outs that create room for sleeping areas.

Get to know the floor plan as you consider getting the pop up camper, and you’ll be quite blown away. The pop up camper is set on an E-coated tubular steel frame that’s resistant to corrosion. That forms the shell, which gets covered by a vinyl tenting material that will keep you and all your things safe from the elements.

It’s an easy pop up camper to set up even with little assistance. The same way you put it up. You can dismantle and store it until it’s time for the next adventure. Inside, there’s ample space for everyone coming with you to relax without stepping on each other’s toes.

You can expect to have a dinette with sitting space on one corner of the camper. In addition, there’s a couch that also extends to a bed when you need more sleeping areas. Not to mention the kitchenette that comes with a two-burner stove, sink, and a small refrigerator for all your fresh foods.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Coachmen company website linked here.

4. Forest River Rockwood Tent


  • Brand: Forest River
  • Dry Weight: 1036 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons
  • Pull Out: 2 sides

There are pop up camper brands that you can never go wrong with once you purchase from them. A good example is Forest River who has quite a variety to choose from. Therefore, get the Forest River Rockwood Tent when you need comfy slide outs to add sleeping beds.

Nothing says you’re ready for the great outdoors than this pop up camper. A quick look at the company website, and you come across several floor plans to choose from. The pop up camper has a dry weight of 1036 lbs which increases when you fill up the freshwater tank with 20 gallons of water. The hitch weight is 240 lbs.

Luckily, you won’t have to deal with lots of weight since this is a lightweight camper. Either end slides out to create space for beds. You and your family get to hang out in the living space, which has a comfy couch and dinette. In the kitchen part, there’s a refrigerator, sink, and three-burner stove.

The exterior is tent material attached to a high-quality metal frame structure. It gives you the confidence that this is a stable pop up camper that keeps you safe and relaxed as you go on your adventure alone or with family and friends.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Forest River company website linked here.

5. Alinar Somerset Pop Up Camper


  • Brand: Alinar
  • Dry Weight: 2760 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons
  • Pull Out: 2 sides

Alinar Somerset is quite innovative for pop-up campers that you can use for different adventures. You come across various floor plans like the Somerset pop-up camper with a dry weight of 2760 lbs and can carry up to 3500 lbs.

The pop-up camper does have slide-outs that increase the interior space for maximum comfort. There’s even a bathroom so you can do your business safely inside and not get exposed to the elements or wild. You can use the area hidden by a shower curtain with a moderate shower.

Everything about the design of this pop up camper speaks top of the line. Inside, you have standard amenities you need to cook, eat and relax after a long day of adventurers.

If you have a light-duty pickup truck or a medium-sized SUV, you can tow this pop up camper. Remember to use the slide-out section to extend the interior more maximum comfort. There’s an inside stove to prepare meals, a dinette, and a refrigerator to store fresh food.

Relax and watch nature through the transparent windows. Or you can unzip them to let in all the fresh air and light.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop-up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Alinar company website linked here.

6. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0


  • Brand: Livin’ Lite
  • Dry Weight: 1080 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 18 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 people

Lying on the cold and damp ground can be fun for some people, but not all. Others want a soft bed that’s raised away from the ground. It’s why they opt to get pop up campers like the Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0.

Here is a lightweight pop up camper that’s quite simple to tow and, best of all, has slide-outs. The manufacturer uses an innovative design to bring you a pop up camper that meets all your needs. You can have basic amenities like a sleeping area, kitchen, living area, and dinette while camping.

The excellent news is everything about this camper is top quality, including the tent cover and metallic frame structure. You can use it to remain safe and warm for quite some time without needing to replace it. All you have to do is be consistent with the maintenance and store it well after use.

Six people can comfortably sleep inside since there are enough sleeping spaces. Both ends slide out to create bed space. In addition, you can extend the sofa for additional rest areas inside the RV. To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Livin Lite company website linked here.

7. Forest River Flagstaff Sport 228BHSE


  • Brand: Forest River
  • Dry Weight: 1279 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 people

Making the best pop up campers is an ability that Forest River has, and it shows in their campers. This Flagstaff Sport 228BHSE design is among the best pop up campers with slide-outs that you can get for your adventures.

The pop up camper fits the bill when you need a lightweight but durable place to spend your days and nights. It’s lightweight wince it has a dry weight of only 1279 lbs. Setting it up won’t take that long either, and both ends extend to make spaces for beds.

Six or seven people can sleep in this pop up camper comfortably. The main living area has a couch that converts into a bed. There’s also a dinette with seats to enjoy a meal that you can slide out of the way to create more space in the camper.

All your cooking and cleaning can be done outside. But on a rainy or chilly day when you want to stay inside, you have a three-burner stove and sink to use. The floor plan of the pop up camper is well thought out so you can enjoy maximum comfort.

To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Forest River company website linked here.

8. Opus Off-Road Pop Up Camper


  • Brand: Opus
  • Dry Weight: 2777 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 30 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 4 people

At times, you need a camper who can travel on any terrain to limit your adventures. The Opus Off-road camper is quite uniquely designed to go to areas where other campers might not manage. It’s an off-road design that’s not too heavy since it has a dry weight of 2870 lbs.

You notice that the camper comes with a trailing arm that doesn’t have an axle. The main mechanism of the trailer is to handle off-road driving without slowing you down in any way. Once you arrive in an area you like, you pop up the camper and relax.

Its slide-out feature is the pantry storage to store all your foodstuff. You can slide it out to arrange and get some food. But, it mostly remains out of your way, leaving ample room to move around. The camper can fit four people since a king-size bed space and a couch converts into a bed.

There’s a dinette where you have your meals and kitchen space to prepare them. Still, there’s an outdoor kitchen for when you want to enjoy the lovely weather while preparing your meals. To check out the different floor plans of this pop up camper with slide-outs, head over to the Opus company website linked here.

The Benefits of Pop Up Camper Slide Outs

Campers with slide outs are quite popular, especially when bringing more than 2 people with you. The slide outs make it easier for everyone on board to get comfortable. Some of the benefits of owning a camper with slide out include:

1. Spacious Interior

At times, a pop up camper can be compact so that you can easily tow it from one place to the next. The advantage of having one that has slide-outs is adding more room when you set up the camper. The slide outs either remove certain features like dinette from the interior.

Or, they expand outwards to add room for beds on either end of the pop up camper. The results prove that you can have ample space in a pop up camper to fit several people inside.

2. Flexibility

While slide-outs are great for maximizing the interior by making it bigger, they can also make the camper smaller. The slide outs are adjustable when you need the camper to fit in a small area without much room.

Here you can choose to pull back both or one bed end to fit the camper comfortably. Such flexibility is an excellent feature to check when getting a pop up camper.

3. Easy to Use

Many camper owners want a pop up that’s quite simple to understand, set up and use. The excellent news is a slide out designs are getting better. It’s so simple to understand how they work while setting up to use them. The pop up camper comes with a guide to help you out.

4. Make Upgrades

Some people want more space inside a pop up camper to move around with ease. However, others want more space in the pop up camper to add more features. While the standard camper comes with a dinette, kitchen, small refrigerator, you can add more features.

For instance, you can add appliances like a micro wave, oven, kettle heater, and many more. Some even add removable storage space to ensure they have enough supplies for the adventure. Additional space can also be for extra bathroom space to include a bathtub.


Pop up campers are excellent when you want something lightweight to town with a small truck or mid-sized SUV. These campers are of good quality and offer you ample protection from the elements. One of their best features is the slide-out capability.

These slide-outs ensure you have all standard features like a sleeping area, dinette, and kitchen in the camper. You start by setting up the camper at a chosen spot then you can extend the slide outs. It’s so much better when both ends, for example, extend in a camper to create bed space. Slide outs make the pop up camper family-friendly since you can add more features inside the camper.

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