What Is The Best RV For A Family Of Four? (With 11 Examples)

Finding the perfect RV for you and your family can be very challenging, but knowing what amenities are a must-have and which ones are unnecessary can make this task a little easier. And yet, there are so many brands, makes, and models of RVs that it can still be overwhelming. Luckily, we have done a ton of research and have come up with an extensive list of RVs that might contain what you are looking for.

This list will be split into four sections, where we will provide a few examples of excellent RVs for a family of four. While there are more types of RVs than the ones on this list, the rest are very small and too cramped to fit more than one or two people. 

Class A Motorhomes

  1. Thor Challenger 37DS
  2. Winnebago Forza 38W
  3. Coachmen Mirada 350S

Class C Motorhomes

  1. Forest River Forester 3271S
  2. Thor Chateau 31E
  3. Entegra Esteem 29V

5th Wheels

  1. Grand Design Reflection 311BHS
  2. Keystone Cougar 364BHL
  3. Coachmen Chaparral Lite

Travel Trailers

  1. Jayco Jay Flight 184BS
  2. Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

As you continue to read this article, we will briefly explain each type of RV on our list. Furthermore, we will provide a detailed description of each RV on this list and why we think they are the best choice for a family of four.

What Types of RVs are Best for a Family of Four?

If you have a family of four and are interested in looking for an RV to plan camping trips, you will need a few things. First off, space is the most crucial factor. Having enough space so your family can enjoy the RV without feeling cramped is imperative. You will need enough space for beds and other amenities like bathrooms and maybe a TV or two.

The second most crucial factor goes hand in hand with the first, and that is storage space. While shopping for RVs, you need to be wary of how much storage space each RV has. Shopping for a large RV with ample storage space and options will make things easier for you. For example, if you enjoy fishing and kayaking with your family, you will need large storage compartments to store your equipment without damaging them. If you are going on long road or camping trips, you need ample storage for clothing, entertainment, and hygiene products.

Because of these two important factors, we decided to limit the types of RVs that we would recommend to a family of four. With that said, we think the best options for family RV-ing are:

  • Class A Motorhomes
  • Class C Motorhomes
  • 5th Wheels
  • Travel Trailers

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are drivable RVs built on a heavy-duty frame that provides stability, safety, and a large cargo-carrying capacity. Class A motorhomes look very similar to a bus. It has two pilot seats located in the front that will often swivel to face the main lounge area and provide more seating options. In addition, class A motorhomes will often come with multiple slide-outs, which will greatly expand the living space in the middle and rear of the RV.

We chose this type of RV for a family of four due to its large size, which provides ample living space, beds, and a plethora of storage options. Of course, class A motorhomes will come with your standard cabinets, drawers, and pantries. However, class A motorhomes are the only type of RV with exterior storage called the basement, which provides an incredible amount of storage space.

One of the other essential features of a class A motorhome is accessing the kitchen, bathroom, and some storage options without needing to pull over. While it’s not safe nor recommended to move around in an RV while driving, there is a good chance that one of your family members will need to use the restroom while in motion.

However, class A motorhomes have a few drawbacks that you need to know about. First, class A motorhomes are the most expensive type of RV. Secondly, these RVs have abysmal gas mileage due to their massive weight. Also, because class A motorhomes are so big, you can’t really use them to go to the grocery store to restock on food and drinks. Because of this, most class A owners will choose to tow a small vehicle that they will use to get around after setting up camp.

Here are some of our favorite class A motorhomes which we think are fantastic for a family of four.

Thor Challenger 37DS

The Thor Challenger is a great class A motorhome with massive floor space. The exterior of this RV has all of the essentials, including a tv, a large awning with LED lights, and pass-through storage to help you store some of your larger items.

However, the interior of this RV is where it really shines. After activating the slide-outs, you will see that there is a crazy amount of room to walk around in. The lounge area comes with your choice of a couch or theater seats that sits across from a dinette and TV. The dinette can be lowered and turned into a bed, and there is an additional bed that descends from the cockpit ceiling.

The kitchen is a little small, but its features are impressive. The sink is a deep two-basin sink, and the three-burner stovetop has both electric and gas burners. However, our favorite additions are the refrigerator and the furnishings. The fridge is a massive double-door residential refrigerator and the furnishings on the cabinets are made of solid wood, which is the same for all drawers, closets, and pantries.

This RV comes with a bunkhouse located just outside the master bedroom. The bunk beds have a sliding door that helps provide your kids with some privacy. This motorhome comes with two full baths, one of which is located right outside the bunk room. The master bedroom is equipped with a king-sized bed, lots of storage, a TV, and the second full bath.

Winnebago Forza 38W

The Forza by Winnebago is another beautiful class A motorhome with plenty of room for your family. This RV has a lot in common with the previous entry on this list. It has all of the same amenities on the exterior, like an awning with LED lights and plenty of storage in the garage.

While the Forza is a few feet smaller than the Challenger, the Forza has better optimization with its slide-outs and has even more space to move around. The Forza comes with swivel pilot seats and a loft bed that descends from the ceiling above the cockpit. The lounge sports a sofa that turns into a queen-sized bed, and the dinette turns into a twin. This RV comes with a large TV and fireplace for added comfort.

The kitchen is very similar to the Thor Challenger. It comes with a substantial double-door residential refrigerator, a three-burner stove, and a huge two-basin sink. However, the Forza has more storage space and a larger countertop.

This RV also comes with two full baths, one of which is located right outside the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse has two small beds with a door that can be closed for some privacy. The bunkhouse can also convert into a wardrobe for additional storage space once your kids get too big for the bunk beds, which increases the longevity of this RV.

The master bedroom comes equipped with a highly comfortable queen-sized bed. You can also find ample storage space under and around the bed. The wardrobe in this room is spacious, and the second bathroom is located in the main bedroom, which is more extensive and has additional storage space.

Coachmen Mirada 350S

The Mirada is another fantastic example of a large class A motorhome that is perfect for a family of four. Like the previous class A motorhomes, the exterior is well fitted with storage space, a TV, awnings, and an external showerhead.

We decided to include a class A motorhome that does not come with a bunkhouse, which makes this RV better suited for families with older and taller kids. This RV has swivel pilot seats and the largest loft bed out of the three class A motorhomes. The lounge area has a very large couch that converts into a king-sized bed. You can also find theater seats and a dinette that turns into a full-sized bed.

The kitchen is about the same size as the Thor Challenger, but we think it’s better organized. You will find a ton of storage in the kitchen, a three-burner stove, a massive single-basin sink, and a residential fridge. The full bath is past the kitchen, which has a sink, medicine cabinet, toilet, and a spacious shower.

Finally, the main bedroom is a little cramped, but it has the largest bed on this list. It also has an incredible amount of storage, with cabinets, nightstands, drawers, and a wardrobe to top things off.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are similar to class A motorhomes when comparing their living space and the number of people they can sleep. However, the main difference is that class C motorhomes look like oversized trucks rather than a bus, and they have an overhead cabin over the cockpit.

Like class A motorhomes, class C owners can access the kitchen, bathroom, and interior storage without pulling over. They are also much cheaper than class A but will usually be shorter and have less space. Because class C motorhomes are smaller than Class A, they will have slightly better gas mileage, which is a bonus.

Let’s get into some of our favorite class C options for a family of four.

Forest River Forester 3271S

Forester Classic 3271S floorplan. The 3271S has one slide out and one entry door.

The Forester is Forest River’s top-selling class C motorhome, which is to be expected for an RV of this caliber. There are quite a few floor plans for this model, but we chose the 3271S due to its bunk beds. The Forester exterior comes with an awning, an outdoor TV, and some garage space.

However, the interior is where it counts. The bunkhouse has two single-sized beds perfect for younger kids, and the bunk beds are only a few feet from the main bed where the parents would sleep. This allows the parents to keep an eye on their kids. Furthermore, the dinette can fold into an additional bed, and the overhang can house another large bed if you need it.

The kitchen is small but well organized. It comes equipped with a double-basin sink, a three-burner stove, a microwave, and an oven. The biggest downside to this RV is that the refrigerator is very small and only has ten cubic feet of space. However, the wood furnishings in the kitchen are beautiful.

The main bedroom sports a queen-sized bed, ample storage, and a tv. The bathroom is pretty big for an RV this size and connects to the main bedroom and the kitchen. A toilet, sink, dry storage, and a large shower are inside the bathroom.

We recommend going with the 3011DS because the dinette and sofa turns into large beds if you have older kids. Other than that, both floor plans are remarkably similar.

Thor Chateau 31E

The Chateau is one of Thor’s most popular RVs and has everything you need for a family of four to live comfortably. The exterior comes with all of the standard stuff like an awning, optional TV, external shower head, some garage storage, and all of the access panels.

You will see that the lounge area sports a massive sofa and dinette. To no one’s surprise, you can change both of these seating areas into two large beds. Meanwhile, the overhang houses the TV and an additional bed and storage.

The kitchen is similar to the Forester, but we think this one looks better. It has a large two-basin sink, three-burner stove, microwave, plenty of storage, and a large refrigerator.

The bunk beds are the same size as the Forester and sit a few feet away from the main bed. However, this bunkhouse has curtains so your kids can have a little privacy. The main bedroom has a queen-sized bed and ample storage. The bathroom is a little bigger than the Forester’s, but the toilet, sink, and shower are the same size.

Entegra Esteem 29V

The last Class C Motorhome we will recommend is the Esteem by Entegra. There are a few floor plans for this model, but we thought we should include an option without bunk beds for families with older kids. Instead of bunk beds, you will have a large sofa and dinette that converts into two full-sized beds. The overhang can be equipped with an additional bed that is also fairly large.

This model has the best kitchen out of the three-class C motorhomes we selected. The kitchen has a hideaway two-basin sink, three-burner stove, oven, and a microwave. Furthermore, the refrigerator is not as large as the Chateau but is larger than the Forester. The kitchen also sports an impressive amount of counter space, which helps when preparing a meal. Finally, we love the decor of the hardwood cabinets and drawers.

The Esteem’s bathroom is split into two sections. One part contains the toilet, sink, and storage. At the same time, the shower is located outside of the main bathroom. We thought this was very awkward until we realized you could open the door to connect to another latch located next to the shower, providing much-needed privacy.

The main bedroom is spacious for a class C motorhome and has a very comfortable queen-sized bed. The hardwood furnishings we love in the kitchen are also found in the bathroom and main bedroom. Finally, the storage in the main bedroom is a huge wardrobe and numerous drawers.

5th Wheels

5th wheels are a type of towable RV that requires a heavy-duty truck to haul them around for two reasons. The first reason is that 5th wheels are the heaviest towable RV. The second reason is that 5th wheels utilize a gooseneck hitch that can only connect to the flatbed of a pickup truck. 5th wheels are cheaper than class A and class C motorhomes due to the lack of an engine.

However, if you do not own a one-ton heavy-duty truck and you want a 5th wheel, you will have to add the cost of the truck to the total bill. For this reason, 5th wheels are best for people who already own a truck of that size.

Due to the increased weight of a 5th wheel, many people would think they are more challenging to tow than a travel trailer, but this is not the case. Because 5th wheels utilize a gooseneck hitch, they are more stable and maneuverable than a travel trailer, which uses a regular hitch system. Because of the increased weight of the RV and the improved stability of the gooseneck hitch, 5th wheels are less susceptible to swaying and side winds.

Another benefit of 5th wheels is that they provide more living space than class A motorhomes of the same length. Class A motorhomes need room for the engine and pilot seats, whereas a 5th wheel’s total length is all living space. 5th wheels also have enough room for larger furniture and amenities, which makes 5th wheels feel homier than all other RVs.

Let’s take a look at some 5th wheels that are perfect for a family of four.

Grand Design Reflection 311BHS

The Grand Design Reflection has numerous floor plans, but we think this bunkhouse floor plan is the best for a family of four. This 5th wheel sports two bedrooms: one master and one bunkhouse room. The master bedroom is massive with a queen-sized bed, tons of storage, and a 40-inch TV. The bathroom that connects to the main bedroom is very spacious and has a big shower.

The bunkhouse room is at the opposite end of the trailer, which offers the parents and the kids some much-needed privacy. This floorplan also has a quad bunk, meaning four beds, making this trailer a great pick for large families. One of the bunk beds is a traditional setup with slightly-larger-than-average beds. The other bunk bed hides inside the couch, which unfolds into a large full-sized bed and a single-sized top bunk. The bunkhouse room is connected to a second smaller bathroom which does not contain a shower.

The kitchen is possibly our favorite part of this trailer. It’s big and looks very similar to a kitchen you would find in a residential home. The sink is huge and sits on an island in the middle of the RV. It’s also equipped with a residential-sized microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator.

Keystone Cougar 364BHL

The Cougar is one of Keystone’s top-selling trailers, and it is easy to see why. There are a few floor plans to choose from, including a bunkhouse and a toy hauler. The layout of the Cougar is similar to the Reflection, with the main bedroom in the front of the trailer and the bunkhouse in the rear. However, the lounge is flipped around a bit.

The lounge is very spacious and comes with your choice of theater seating or a tri-fold sofa that turns into a queen-sized bed. The booth dinette is very comfortable, and the addition of a fireplace is always a nice touch.

The kitchen is smaller than the Reflection’s kitchen, but it still has the same appliances, which are all residential-sized. The sink is a little bit bigger, and the island it sits on is also larger, allowing for more counter space when preparing meals.

The main bedroom comes with a queen-sized bed, multiple wardrobes, and a full bath, which includes a large shower. The bunkhouse on the opposite side of the RV is large and has a single bunk bed that has two full-sized beds, which makes this RV best for families with older kids. Lastly, the bunkhouse has its own half-bath, doors, and sliders on the beds for extra privacy.

Coachmen Chaparral Lite 

The Chaparral Lite is the smallest 5th wheel on our list and is the cheapest. However, this trailer comes with everything your family needs to have a comfortable and fun camping trip.

The lounge and kitchen sit at the rear of the RV, where you will find a tri-fold sofa that turns into a queen-sized bed and a dinette that folds into a full-sized bed. The kitchen is very well organized and comes with a residential-sized refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, and sink. This 5th wheel’s kitchen is possibly the largest on this list and has the most counter space and storage.

The bunkhouse is located in the middle of the RV and sports two twin-sized beds and some storage for the kids’ clothes. Directly next to the bunkhouse is the master bedroom, which has a queen-sized bed, ample storage, and the largest bathroom out of the 5th wheels on this list.

Travel Trailers

Last but not least is the last type of RV that we recommend for a family of four—Travel Trailers. These RVs are a fantastic choice for families new to RV-ing because they come with the essential amenities, have the widest range of floor plans, and are some of the cheapest RVs. In addition, travel trailers are lighter than 5th wheels and use a traditional hitch system to haul them around. This allows travel trailers to be towed by lighter trucks and even some SUVs.

But there are a few downsides that we think you should know. First, travel trailers are more susceptible to side winds and swaying than 5th wheels. They are also harder to tow in our experience. Furthermore, if you are planning on living in an RV full time, you might find that travel trailers feel limiting. This is because travel trailers are smaller and lighter than the other entries on this list and thus don’t have the carrying capacity that you will find with other RV types.

However, we still think travel trailers are a fantastic starting point for families new to RV-ing. With that said, let’s take a look at some travel trailers which are great picks for a family of four.

Jayco Jay Flight 184BS

We wanted to shake things up a bit with this entry. The Jay Flight is Jayco’s most popular travel trailer model, and this specific floor plan is the smallest RV on this list. Inside this trailer, you will quickly notice that there is not a lot of room, which is why we say this travel trailer is perfect for a family of four that wants to spend the majority of their time enjoying the outdoors.

The kitchen is small but functional and contains a deep-basin sink, a two-burner stove, and a microwave. However, the refrigerator is surprisingly big for a small trailer, which is a plus in our books. Next to it, you will find a dinette that can be changed into an additional bed. The bunk beds are small but very comfortable, and the queen-sized bed is at the front of the trailer. The bathroom is also small but has a toilet and a large shower.

Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

Grand Design makes this list again with another Reflection model in travel trailer form. This travel trailer is our top recommended trailer for a family of four who is new to RV life. It has a comfortable queen-sized bed in the main bedroom, located at the front of the RV. The bathroom in this trailer has a toilet, large shower, sink, and tons of storage.

The lounge comes with a dinette and your choice of theater seating or a tri-fold sofa, which can turn into another queen-sized bed. The kitchen is nearly identical to the 5th wheel Reflection model, except all the appliances and sink are smaller.

The bunkhouse room is identical to the 5th wheel Reflection model, including a quad bunk room with four beds.

Final Thoughts

When looking for an ideal RV for a family of four, there are a few key things you will need. The most important thing you need is space. You need a large enough RV to support at least four beds. Furthermore, you will need to have enough storage for everyone’s clothes and other personal belongings. Thankfully, we did all the research for you and have found 11 RVs that are perfect for the job.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found the perfect RV for your family on our list. If you haven’t, we hope that the information you gained from looking at all of the RVs on this list has helped you narrow down what you are looking for.

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