Truck Camper with Pop Top (Our List)

Pop tops are pretty useful and amazing when you want to go on adventures. All you have to do is set them up, and you have living space at the back of your truck.

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Are you searching for the best camper for your truck? How about checking pop tops. You attach these lightweight campers to the flatbed of your truck. The best pop tops are made using quality materials like fiberglass and aluminum.

In this article, learn more about the best pop-tops available. Afterwards, you can pick the right one to purchase before starting your adventure.

12 Best Truck Campers with Pop Top

1.       Hallmark Milner Pop Top 

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·         Brand: Hallmark Milner

·         Dry Weight: 1212 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

·         Propane: 30 pounds

·         Batteries: Space for 2

·         Interior Standing Height: 6’8′

Having a pop-top for your truck makes it easy to travel and have loads of adventures. The best place to start when searching for the right pop top for your truck is the Hallmark Milner Pop Top.

Inside, there is space for the standard amenities you need. You need a full-sized truck with a shorter bed for it. The pop-top can easily fit a queen-size bed, guaranteeing you maximum comfort. Not to mention, there is room for a dinette and sofa when you need to relax.

The moment you get the pop-top, it has a dry weight of 1212 lbs. However, the weight can increase when you add fresh water, usually 30 gallons, and the 30-pound propane tank.

More than one camper can be inside the pop-top. It has a standing height of 6’8′. Both the roof and exterior of the pop-top are made using smart and durable fiberglass.

There is room to upgrade it as you please, but it comes with standard features when you purchase it. To find out more about the pop top, contact Hallmark Milner

2.       Phoenix Mini Max

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·         Brand: Phoenix Campers

·         Dry Weight: 1180 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 18 gallons

·         Grey Water: 8 gallons

·         Batteries: Space for 1

·         Interior Standing Height: 7′

Do you have a half-ton truck and want to get a suitable pop top for it? The Phoenix Mini Max is the best choice to give you maximum comfort. You can purchase the standard pop top and upgrade it as you please.

The Phoenix Mini Max has a dry weight of 1180 pounds when you purchase it. This can increase as you add the propane tank and freshwater that carries 18 gallons. Inside, the standing height is 7 feet, so you can have a friend or two with you.

When it comes to the interior, you can fit a 60 by 80-inch bed, plus there’s room for a sizeable dinette. On the side of the driver, you have space for a wet bath. A small kitchen easily fits inside the pop top on the side of the passenger.

As you check the exterior of the pop top, you realize it’s aluminum. The manufacturer uses double-welded tube cage aluminum for durability. For more information about the Phoenix Mini Max pop top, look at the company’s website.

3.       Leentu UTE Pop-up Camper

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·         Brand: Leentu

·         Dry Weight: 300 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 21 gallons

·         Grey Water: 8 gallons

·         Batteries: Space for 1

·         Interior Standing Height: 6 feet

At times, you just want an ultra-light pop top for your truck. Leentu UTE meets this need with their new lightweight pop up camper. Everything about this pop top suits a traveler who does not want a heavy load on their flatbed.

The exterior of this camper model uses a glossy fiberglass material for the perfect finishing look. This manufacturer also adds aluminum, which is corrosion resistant to the pop top. Leentu has a reputation for making these lightweight campers.

Unlike other campers with a flat roof, Leentu employs the aerospace design for its pop top. The aerodynamic design allows you to carry more things. The tent fabric is marine grade making your camper waterproof.

In addition, there are windows with zippers that you open and close with ease. Plus, there’s an additional storage area inside the pop top. Inside, there are 6 feet of standing space with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Find more information about this pop top from the Leentu website.

4.       Alaskan Cabover Pop Top

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·         Brand: Alaskan

·         Dry Weight: 1390 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 27 gallons

·         Grey Water: 8 gallons

·         Batteries: Space for 1

·         Interior Standing Height: 6.5 feet

Hard-sided pop tops can be useful for long-term travel. Thankfully, Alaskan has ample experience spanning decades to make some of the best pop tops in the market. Buyers have a chance to experience a prime Cabover that can cater to 27 gallons of fresh water.

The top-up has a dry weight of 1390 pounds and is one of the 5 pop ups made by Alaskan. An electric hydraulic pump makes lifting the cover fast and straightforward. The roof is one piece and curved to get a fantastic look.

This pop top measures 6.5 feet in terms of height and has space for a single battery. It has to spray foam insulation to keep you comfortable on chilly days and nights. For more information on this pop top, visit the Alaskan website by following this link.

5.       Outfitter Caribou Lite 8

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·         Brand: Outfitters

·         Dry Weight: 850 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 24 gallons

·         Grey Water: 5 gallons

·         Batteries: Space for 1

·         Interior Standing Height: 7 feet

Next is another compact camper that fulfills your needs as you travel or go on adventures. It is the perfect upgrade from camping on the ground using a tent. Or perhaps the best option if you want to enjoy the adventure but not sleep on the cold and hard ground.

The pop top is made using a strong composite material that will not break even when sitting or walking on it. However, this means you have to deal with more weight from the pop top though not too much. It has a dry weight of 850 pounds and ample insulation to keep the interior comfy.

Once you have it set up, you will find a queen-size bed inside that you can easily pullout. The freshwater tank has a capacity of 24 gallons. Greywater capacity is 5 gallons, plus room for a 5-pound propane tank. Find out more customization information about the pop-top camper from the company’s website.

6.       Four-Wheel Camper Hawk Model

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·         Brand: Four Wheel

·         Dry Weight: 1100 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 24 gallons

·         Grey Water: 5 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 6.5 feet

Four-Wheel has a reputation for always creating the best lightweight and durable pop tops. The pop top is made for full-sized trucks with an extensive bed.

As a buyer, you have several options when it comes to setting up. You can have a Cabover bed, dinette, kitchenette, small fridge, and ample storage space. There is room inside the pop top for a cozy couch that you can roll over when it is time to drive.

All you have to cope with is 1100 pounds of dry weight, which is quite light. The camper can carry 20 gallons of fresh water and has an interior height of 6’6′. The good news is customization options are endless. Therefore, you can have the best interior ever.

On the company website, you can see the variety on offer in terms of floor plans. There is even an option of having an open furnace in the pop top, but there is a stove if you opt not to have it. Afterward, lay your head on the slide out queen size bed.

Get more information about this lightweight pop top from the company website linked here.

7.       Northstar 650 Pop Top

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·         Brand: Northstar

·         Dry Weight: 1405 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

·         Grey Water: 7.5 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 6.7 feet

Want to know a secret? It is better to find the right pop top that fits at the back of your truck. The one that works for a full bed might not fit a small or medium flatbed. That is why the Northstar 650 Pop Top is perfect for small or mini flatbeds.

It is quite an intriguing pop top with ample features to meet your camping needs when it is time to rest. The camper’s dry weight is 1405 pounds and has a compact size. The weight increases as you fill-up the 30-gallon freshwater tank and add a 5-gallon propane tank.

The interior is quite inviting and has all the features you need to make a meal, relax, and sleep. Check out the mini-fridge, kitchenette, and dinette. After eating, relax on the sofa or retire to the queen-sized bed. There is even a 7.5-gallon grey water tank that you can use and an outdoor shower.

As for customization, find out more information from the Northstar company website linked here.

8.       Earth Cruiser Adventure Mod 400

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·         Brand: Earth Cruiser MOD

·         Dry Weight: 800 pounds

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

·         Grey Water: 7.5 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 6.7 feet

Here is an example of a cool pop-top design brought to you by Earth Cruiser. It is a European make, and you have to pay extra to personalize. The manufacturer has different kits available to meet the needs of buyers.

Inside the camper, you get a few standard features to make your stay lovely. Its dinette has several storage cabinets. In addition, an electrical system powers the interior lights. The pop top has a dry weight of 800 pounds, which increases with each addition.

As you check out the design of this pop top, you notice Earth Cruiser has a focus on aerodynamics. Its exterior is a strong composite material that is quite durable. This is the perfect camper if you want to travel with minimal things in your camper at all times.

Get to know all the costs and additional information when you opt to get this camper. The company’s website has details on the personalized kits.

9.       Grandby Truck Camper

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·         Brand: Grandby

·         Dry Weight: 1200 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 20 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 7.9 feet

Durability is one of the bestselling features of the Grandby truck camper. You can expect to up the pop top for quite some time without needing maintenance with proper use. It is a lightweight pop top that many become fond of and has a dry weight of 1200 lbs.

Unlike other pop tops, this model achieves a modest look by being so lightweight. Still it meets all your needs with a functional design and ample sleeping area. You and three of your friends can fit comfortably inside and rest before proceeding with your adventures. There is a queen-size bed and a rollover couch inside.

The pop top keeps you refreshed with a 20-gallon freshwater tank. In terms of the durable exterior, the manufacturer uses quality aluminum that is durable and corrosion resistant. Back inside, you find a kitchen and dinette with some storage area.

Get more information about the pop-top and upgrades by following this link.

10.   Bundutech Wild Pop Top

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·         Brand:  Bundutech Wild

·         Dry Weight: 1610 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 21 gallons

·         Grey Water Tank Capacity: 17 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 6.8 feet

Adventurers with half-ton trucks will find the Bundutech Wild Pop Top quite appealing. Imagine a pop top that comes with a wet bath. With the Bundutech Wild, you not only get a bath but there is also a toilet, so you do not have to rush into the woods.

The pop top comes with large fresh and grey water tanks. These serve your bathroom needs well, and all other water needs as you pack and rest for the night.

The pop-top version works well for short bed trucks. It comes with a dry weight of 1610 lbs. However, this increase as you fill-up the water, add propane gas and other features. It is quite a customizable pop truck so check which upgrades suit your needs.

You can have 21 gallons of fresh water on board at all times. Plus, 4 gallons water heater capacity for bathing and other uses. It only requires one battery to operate, which you get with the pop top once you purchase it. Other customizations you can get include rooftop solar panels for lighting and heating purpose. Find out more information on this by clicking this link to the company’s website.

11.   Coachmen Clipper Sport Pop Top


·         Brand:  Coachmen Clipper

·         Dry Weight: 2396 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 23 gallons

·         Grey Water Tank Capacity: 16 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 7 feet

The Coachmen Clipper Sport pop top has a floor plan that fits all your needs. It is by far one of the easiest pop tops to install, use, and store safely. It has been made using durable material that is not prone to corrosion. In addition, the cover is strong to withstand different temperatures and give you ample protection.

The minute you fold the pop top, you notice it has a unique aerodynamic design. The whole setup makes it easier for you to town this pop top. It has a dry weight of 2396 lbs, and you can even get a larger floor plan if you wish.

On average, the pop top sleeps up to six people comfortably. Inside there’s a spacious interior, which gives you room to do different things. There is a sitting area with a couch, a small kitchen, and a dinette. Apart from that, you can retire to the master spaces that fit a king-size bed on one side and a queen-size bed on the other.

There is a 23-gallon freshwater tank, plus a 16-gallon grey water tank capacity. Both add to the weight of the camper. Get to learn more about this pop top by checking out the company website here.

12.   Sylvansport Go Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand:  Sylvansport Go

·         Dry Weight: 840 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 23 gallons

·         Grey Water Tank Capacity: 16 gallons

·         Interior Standing Height: 7 feet

For novices, this is an ideal pop top for all your adventures. It only has a dry weight of 840 lbs and is quite simple to set up even on your own. Not to mention, the singular bedroom in this pop top can comfortably sleep four adults.

As a new camper, you will not have to feel overwhelmed with so many floor plans to choose from. There are only two floor plans available, each fitting your needs in different ways. It comes with a cover tent that is waterproof, keeping you safe and comfortable from the elements.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this camper does not come with a water tank. You can take off the tent easily after your adventure and store it safely for another time. Check out more information about the Sylvansport Pop Top by following this link.


An ideal pop-top camper is lightweight and has all the enmities you need for a perfect stay. The pop tops listed above have reasonable dry weight and are made using durable material. It means with proper use and maintenance it is possible to use the pop-top camper for a long time.

Some key features to look out for include the interior set up. The best pop tops have standard features like a dinette, kitchenette, pull-up sofa, and a queen-sized bed. While others have an outdoor bathroom, some campers have space for a wet room inside.

In addition, features like freshwater tank capacity, grey water tank capacity, and propane matter. You need them for maximum comfort. Although it is worth noting, these are standard features of a pop top. You can customize or upgrade the camper as you please.

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