16 Top Waterfall Hikes in Utah: We Find Out

Utah is one of the best places to go in the United States. With its gorgeous scenery, vast mountains, beautiful red rocks, and even waterfalls, you cannot ask for anything better! However, one of the biggest reasons you might go to Utah is the waterfalls. 

After all, finding some of those hidden gems might be one of the best moments in your life, especially if you are with your most loved ones. So, what are the top waterfall hikes in Utah, and where are they? Let’s find out. 


Although there are many waterfalls in Utah, the best ones to go to are as follows:


  • Lisa Falls
  • Donut Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls Observation Trail
  • Ken’s Lake Trail and Faux Falls
  • Gloria Trails
  • Emerald Pools Trail
  • Lower Falls via Bells Canyon Trail
  • Lower Calf Creek Falls
  • Stewart Falls Lower Trail
  • Provo River Waterfalls
  • Kanarra Falls
  • Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail
  • Cascade Falls
  • Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail
  • Battle Creek Falls
  • Adams Canyon Trail


This article discusses these waterfall hikes, their length, and their location. We recommend going through each one to find what best suits you. One thing to mention is that some of these waterfall hikes are extremely small, whereas others are relatively long. Continue reading for more information. 


What Are the Top Waterfall Hikes in Utah?


Waterfalls are fantastic because they offer a sense of tranquility that your everyday life does not provide. Another thing to consider is that the waterfall will help your imagination run wild as it does not hit the same spot every time. Given that information, let us discuss the best waterfall hikes in Utah, starting with the easy trails. 


Easy Trails:


We recommend any of these hikes for those wanting something relatively easy or short. This is true if you have small children, are tired but want a decent view before returning to the hotel for the evening, or are not physically capable of doing more. 


1. Lisa Falls – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Lisa Falls is a concise trail, a 0.2-mile out-and-back near Sandy, UT. This trail offers a gorgeous view of the mountains while getting to the small waterfall. 

It is a trendy area for hiking, but dogs are not allowed on this trail. The best time to visit here is May through October, but if you go early in the year, you may see some snow, which might also be worth visiting.  


2. Donut Falls – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Donut Falls is approximately 1.5 miles out and back near Salt Lake City, UT, and it takes roughly 44 minutes to complete. This route is popular with tourists, so consider that beforehand. 

Bear in mind that if you intend to go on this trail, you’ll have to explore it without your beloved pet, as they won’t be allowed on this particular trek. Rest assured, however, that there are plenty of other trails in the area that could not only pique your interest but also give your fluffy friend a good workout!


3. Bridal Veil Falls Observation Trail – Upper Falls Park


Bridal Veil Falls is a fantastic trail for people who want to explore the great outdoors but do not want to get drenched in sweat by navigating extremely long trails. This one will only take you about five minutes to complete, but it is chalked full of experiences and sights throughout, and you can take your time to enjoy them all.

Because the trail itself is so concise, you can rest assured that your small children and pets will be more than welcome to enjoy the outing without too much strain or exclusion on your family. Still, any animals must be on a leash per the trail rules.


4. Ken’s Lake Trail and Faux Falls – Moab


You will love Ken’s Lake if you enjoy walking with your furry friend on the above trail. Not only are your furry friends welcome on this trail, but they can go without a leash in certain places, allowing them to experience nature to its fullest!

Hiking isn’t the only thing you can do on this trail. For those of us prone to casting a line or two, multiple locations dotted throughout the trail allow you to try fishing. This makes it fantastic for small breaks in between hiking and keeps the entire outing fresh.

Unlike the trail above, this one will take a whopping hour and a half to explore completely, giving you ample time to take a break from phones, computers, and the hustle and bustle of city life and find some inner peace.

Intermediate Trails:


If you want a bit of a challenge, we recommend going on some intermediate trails. The majority of your waterfall trails are in this area, so it might be worth going on a few to see which areas you like best! 


1. Gloria Trails – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


If you enjoy looking at wildlife and wildflowers, Gloria Trails might be the right place. Although you must leave your furry “children” at home, this foresty area might be extremely satisfying. 

It will take roughly an hour to complete entirely; however, a few off-trail areas are worth exploring. Nothing says let’s have a spontaneous adventure than going somewhere that is not marked and trying to find your way back! 


2. Emerald Pools Trail – Zion National Park


What better way to enjoy a nice family outing than to go on the Emerald Pools Trail? This area attracts many tourists due to its river, waterfall, and forest views. The wildlife is also enjoyable to see. 

This is the area if you want to hike for a few hours. There are many picture-worthy areas along the route, so take advantage of getting a photo with yourself or your loved one! Make sure to keep your beloved pooch at home, as this is not an area where they can go. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this one-of-a-kind beauty! 


3. Lower Falls via Bells Canyon Trail – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Suppose you want to run or walk a longer distance than a couple of miles. In that case, we recommend going to Lower Falls via Bells Canyon trail! This is an excellent choice for those who want a bit of a challenge as the hike gets steep but wish to stop and take a well-deserved break at the falls immediately afterward. 

Although you love your animals, it is wise to keep them home as there is plenty of wildlife for you to see on this trail instead! It contains many forest areas with beautiful views that are photo-worthy. A small lake along the route also makes the entire trail worthwhile. 


4. Lower Calf Creek Falls – Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument


Lower Calf Creek Falls is a trail you must go on at least once! This 6-mile trail is perfect for families who want to get out and explore. You can also take the dog with you while they enjoy some outdoor time! It will take roughly 3 hours to complete the entire thing, which gives you plenty of exercise, especially for those wanting to run on this trail. 

The waterfall is about three miles out, but it is entirely worth the walk. It is the perfect spot to rest and enjoy nature. However, one downfall is that there is hardly any shade on this trail, so wear head protection, sunscreen, and shades to ensure you take care of yourself. 


5. Stewart Falls Lower Trail – Mount Timpanogos Wilderness


Being the perfect place to hike, Stewart Falls (lower trail) is perfect for those who want a bit of a challenge, but their reward is to see the gorgeous falls. It will be frozen at certain times of the year, whereas during the warmer months, you will get that tranquil feeling.

Your dogs are allowed to come on a leash, so if you love to travel and see fantastic views of the forest, river, and wildflowers, then this is the area you should go to. This trail is only 2 hours long, but one thing to note is that if you are not residing or visiting Sundance, it will only be accessible to you at Aspen Grove.


6. Provo River Waterfalls – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Yet again, we have a concise route, but it could be moderately challenging due to any slippery points you might encounter. Still, if you want to enjoy the great outdoors without necessarily getting sweaty or walking a lot, Provo River Waterfalls is the place to go! This tiny hike will only take 10 minutes to complete, but enjoying the gorgeous waterfall view is worth the walk! 


7. Kanarra Falls – Spring Creek Canyon Wilderness Study Area


This hike will allow you to see multiple small waterfalls, making the 2-hour journey one of the best ones you will have experienced! It is considered a moderately challenging route, most likely due to the water you must walk through. 

Many suggest bringing neoprene or knee-high socks to help keep your feet warm and away from the water. You must keep your dogs off this trail, but don’t let that stop you from seeing this gorgeous 3.6-mile view. 


8. Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Enjoy this 2-hour trail at Fifth Water Hot Springs. As the name suggests, this specific pathway contains hot springs but has a relatively large waterfall that is gorgeous year-round! It is nature’s very own hot tub, as many people come to relax and enjoy their time in Utah. 

In addition, many dogs walk this trail but are only allowed to be there on a leash. It is essential to use caution as certain areas have loose rocks and sand. 


9. Cascade Falls – Dixie National Forest – Cedar City Ranger District


Going back to a fairly small trail, Cascade Falls is a little over a mile, which will only take you about 30 minutes to complete. However, you should spend a lot more time there as this is the perfect spot for bird watchers and families to enjoy for a few hours! On top of this, dogs are most welcome in this quaint little area. 

Although this route is relatively easy, there are a few drop-off areas to be mindful of where you are walking. If you have younger children, ensure they are also taking careful steps. However, the views are worth the slight challenges that lie ahead! 


10. Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail – Zion National Park


Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail is the last one we will discuss in the intermediate section. This particular trail is a little less than a mile long, so it will not take long to complete. It is perfect for those wanting to be outside for only a little bit or those who have children and need them to get some energy out while you relax by the waterfall. Think of this area as their nature’s playground. 

Although you are not allowed to bring your dogs, it is still worth going to as this is an area where you can observe and view many things quickly. 


Advanced Trails:


Lastly, we have some advanced trails to discuss. As you may already know, the advanced trails are only for those who can handle them. This means it is not the best idea to go if you have a disability or have small children. However, suppose you are on a honeymoon and want to challenge yourself. Going on more challenging trails might be fun for you! 


1. Battle Creek Falls – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


This particular hiking trail is packed with all kinds of activities you and your loved ones can do! It takes roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete, but one should “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak, as there are many scenic areas to discover and enjoy. 

However, one of the many activities you can do is snowshoeing. Suppose you are visiting Utah in the winter months, but Cache National Forest has a ton of snow. In that case, we recommend going to Battle Creek Falls to snowshoe!

Aside from the snowy times, you can go backpacking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and visiting some historical sites! This area is perfect for bringing your dog along and allowing them to get some outdoor time aside from the backyard of your house (or the park if no backyard is available.)


2. Adams Canyon Trail – Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest


Lastly, we have Adams Canyon Trail, roughly 3.5 miles long. This trail contains fantastic views, including the 40-foot large waterfall! This particular hike is perfect for bringing your fur babies alongside you. 

Many people recommend wearing waterproof shoes, as their feet will most likely get wet when crossing the bridge to see the waterfall. Also, you may want micro spikes on the bottom of your shoes in some areas, as they will be a little slippery at times. Still, this trail is one of the best ones in Kaysville, so you do not want to miss it! 


Final Thoughts


There are so many places to discover all around Utah! Although Utah contains a lot of desert areas, it is one of the most beautiful places to go in the United States. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you plan on making a trip out there soon, we hope you find some of these places worth your time! If you have any more questions, we ask that you check out our other articles for more information. Happy hiking!

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