Top 14 Best Kayaking Apps for Kayakers

While many of us retreat to nature for a break from civilization, technology is one of those things that tends to follow us into the woods (or onto the water). It’s not always a bad thing; in fact, smartphones can be used as a lifeline in an emergency or as a tool that helps us perform our chosen activity. Before you go back out on the water again, make sure you’ve downloaded these kayaking applications.

We think it’s essential for you to have the best information available on the market, so we enjoy researching and sharing it with you. You’ve come to the correct spot, whether you’re searching for an app that monitors your location, keeps track of weather changes, or connects you with other paddlers.

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Another excellent application is Area, which has a lot of fantastic features. The ability to provide water data for over 14,000 locations is highly significant in determining where to kayak and why. One of the most pleasing aspects is the dissolved oxygen level reading. This is beneficial for fishing, but it also lets you avoid areas of stagnant water with mosquito-infested muck.

The site gives users a wealth of additional information, including yearly peak streamflow readings, National Weather Service data for all stations, the option to save the best spots under ‘favorites,’ navigation app compatibility, and social media sharing capabilities.

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Some people love kayaking for its solitude or intense exercise, while others go out to fish. If you’re a fisherman, you understand how crucial it is to be in the proper location at the right time.

The best fishing times each day are revealed by the FirstMate app. Plan your day around moonrise/moonset, sunrise/sunset, major and minor feeding hours, and the current moon phase. Are you traveling abroad in two months? That’s no problem for FirstMate, which allows you to fast-forward to the days of your trip to see how things are progressing.


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One of the most costly apps in this selection is also one of its best. Boating USA & Canada is an excellent all-in-one tool that not only gets you from A to B but also keeps you up to date on any information you may need to do so.

Do you want to know which locations are the best for fishing? You’ve come to the right spot. Do you wish to stay away from shallow water regions? There’s no need to worry. Color them in bright yellow to avoid them. Using NOAA buoy trackers, the app gathers wind speed, direction, air pressure, water temperature, and wave height.

For less than $15, you’ll have access to everything from dock-to-dock auto-routing to sonar charts, ETAs, weather forecasts, tide tables, and a variety of maps. You’ll be up to speed on the water with thousands of chart updates and community modifications.


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Sometimes the simplest apps are the best. It may be challenging to determine which restaurant is ideal for dinner.

Go Paddling is a fantastic tool for locating the ideal kayaking, canoeing, or SUP spot. The app contains over 25,000 potential locations that are ready to be discovered. Other users have left launch sites and thorough comments about each location.


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GPS devices have gotten increasingly tiny over time. But, honestly, do we want to carry another gadget on our outdoor adventures? Many people would say that one electronic device is more than enough.

Polaris GPS is an excellent program to use. It’s not only useful for kayaking, but it’s also useful for hiking, biking, camping, and other activities. You can’t go wrong with thousands of positive Google Play Store reviews and the ability to monitor latitude, magnetic heading, height, speed, distance, and time tracking.

The NOAA marine charts are frequently mentioned in the reviews, allowing you to see the depth and maritime features. The Marine Grid Reference System (MGRS) is used in the app for nautical navigation.

Please take advantage of USGS TOPO maps to discover hiking routes and campgrounds, even offline, using their Map Library when you’re not on the water. On your way back home, draw a path to commemorate your journey.


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The Trip Journal app was selected as the Best Android App for Documenting Your Journey and Sharing It With Your Loved Ones for its capacity to capture and share your trip with your loved ones. When it comes to social media, it geotags photos and waypoints, making sharing simple.


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If your phone is dead, none of the applications in this review will be of any use to you. Always bring spare batteries, but the Juice Defender app helps you make the most of what you’ve got. It controls your Android device and minimizes power consumption while optimizing battery life.

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Consider paddling on the ocean in a kayak. The night is darkening, but you’re not sure if it’s necessary to turn back or not. In the event of severe storms heading your way, you’ll get minute-by-minute forecast updates and push alerts from AccuWeather.

The following are some of the metrics that you’ll want to consider before or during a kayaking trip, including temperature, humidity, precipitation percentages, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times, and more.




KayakLog is an excellent choice for anybody who enjoys capturing pictures, shooting films, or keeping mementos of their outdoor activities. This handy software gathers data while you paddle – wind speed, air temperature, trip duration, kayak speed, and photographs you capture along the route – allowing you to share your data on the internet and via social media. You may also upload your information to their website and share your findings on social media with KayakLog.

The free version allows users to create up to five logs. For a small monthly payment, the premium edition allows limitless log creation.




Mountain Buzz is the most incredible whitewater discussion board on the internet. Mountain Buzz began as a website and subsequently expanded to include Android and iPhone applications to keep you connected with your friends while kayaking or camping.

If you’re heading kayaking again, talk to other paddlers and learn about the best whitewater locations near your destination, take photos to share, or go through the used gear section. The app will also keep you up to date on water conditions, with access To river data and weather information.




Tides Near Me is a handy app for any fisherman. It’s critical to check the waves for the day before heading out. Even in the future, this program offers tide tables for every day, making it simple to arrange travel weeks ahead of time.

This free app is handy to kayakers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India because it offers tide tables and sunrises/sunset. Tides Live is a free tool that allows you to monitor the waves at your local beach. It’s easy to use and has accurate readings from over 5500 tide stations across the world.




Instead of checking Instagram for whitewater photographs and videos, why not download the Rapid+ Magazine app? Rapid is one of the most well-known white water magazines, and their program is fantastic. This is an excellent software to use while commuting on your lunch hour while planning your next mountain vacation because it includes how-to movies, photo galleries, interviews with athletes, and stories from other users.




It’s tempting for novice kayakers to head out as soon as they have their equipment, but there are a few reasons why they should download Paddle Ready first. This software is an excellent method for learning and perfecting safety and rescue techniques.

With a wealth of ACA-certified instructors at your fingertips, you’ll know who to call when you’re ready to get more out of life. Furthermore, the program includes wind speed, weather, and river readings.

The safety of others should always come first. We recommend that all kayakers double-check their abilities before landing on dry land since there is no weight of carrying a book or taking a course.




CPR instructions change regularly. Other than medical professionals and lifeguards, how many of us stay up to date with those changes? The Pocket First Aid and CPR app are so helpful that they helped keep a guy alive for 60 hours after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

CPR, AED training, and first-aid information are all available in this section. You can learn adult, child, and infant CPR through videos and pictures, as well as the American Heart Association’s guidelines on cardiopulmonary emergency care.

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