Best Fishing Canoes: The Ultimate Guide

Canoes are perfect for beginners and groups. They provide the ideal sports and recreation for many people. Also, to build muscle away from your typical indoor gym, going out on the water is perfect! However, have you ever considered using a canoe for fishing purposes? Well, now you have, so what are the best fishing canoes?

We’ve conducted extensive research to identify the best canoes for fishing. Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of the market and the specific needs of fishing enthusiasts like you. 


  • Paddle Voyage family & fishing canoe
  • Lifetime Kodiak canoe with 2 paddles
  • Old Town Discovery 119 solo sportsman canoe
  • BRIS inflatable fishing canoe
  • CYUIOTER inflatable fishing boat rubber canoe
  • Paddle Voyage solo canoe


This article will comprehensively review each fishing canoe we’ve listed above. Keep in mind that many of these options are versatile and designed to accommodate multiple people. We highly recommend that you continue reading for more information!


What Are the Best Fishing Canoes?


The best fishing canoes we’ve listed here are affordable and designed to withstand significant weight. Most importantly, they make your fishing experience a breeze, ensuring you can focus on what you love most-fishing. Here are six different options that are ideal for your fishing adventures.  


1. Paddle Voyage Family & Fishing Canoe


The first canoe on our list is from Paddle Voyage, which advertises to be a family and fishing canoe, and with good reason, as it can seat three people, holding a weight capacity of 936 pounds! Due to this, you can trust that your gear, fish, and whatever else you have brought can easily be held inside the canoe. 

In addition, this canoe is 15.94 feet long, 35.43 inches wide, and 17.71 inches high, ensuring a spacious and flat deck. You are also secured while standing, fishing, or embarking. 

Lastly, this stable canoe has a hull weight of 99.2 pounds. Its design is made of durable construction, with fiberglass blades, polypropylene (PP) material, and an aluminum alloy tube rod. The material can resist UV damage, wear, punctures, and more. Overall, it performs very well and lasts well in various water conditions. 


2. Lifetime Kodiak Canoe with 2 Paddles


This specific canoe can hold 2 to 3 people and has a weight limit of 600 pounds. The Lifetime Kodiak canoe has two paddles and comfortable luggage-style handles for easy transport. 

This canoe is made of UV-protected blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This specific material is rated to use an electric motor with a thrusting rate of 40 pounds. 

If your arms tire or you wish to travel further, you can use a motor! This particular canoe includes a transom motor mount bracket you must assemble, not the engine itself. 


3. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe


The Old Town Discovery 119 sportsman canoe is explicitly designed for a person to go out on the water with nobody else but their thoughts and nature. 

This specific boat combines the best of both worlds. It is a grab-and-go watercraft for hunters and anglers. It can hold up to 354 pounds, perfect for yourself, your fishing gear, a dog (if you want), and a few fish! 

The boat weighs 57 pounds and measures 11.9 feet long. Its padded kayak-style contoured seat is comfortable, with an adjustable backrest and padded armrests. This canoe is perfect for fishing and hunting!


4. BRIS Inflatable Fishing Canoe


We have our first inflatable fishing canoe from Bris, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The boat is made of heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has excellent resistance to wear and tear, ensuring its longevity.

Speaking of high durability, the 14.1-foot boat can seat up to 3 people and has a weight capacity of 770 pounds! You can jump, stand, and walk on it like you can on a hard surface. This boat is perfect for weather and water conditions, including extreme humidity, salt water, and freshwater. 


5. CYUIOTER Inflatable Fishing Boat Rubber Canoe


The last canoe we will discuss is from Cyuioter, which is also inflatable. This particular boat is made of 0.75mm PVC plastic and is highly durable. It can fit up to 2 people and has a weight capacity of 398 pounds. 

The Cyuioter fishing boat size is 122.83 x 35.82 x 20 inches long. It contains a removable inflatable cushion that ensures comfort and safety. You can also carry this boat around easily in any safe water. Due to its high-pressure air valve, the vessel can travel long distances, which is essential for some people. 


6. Paddle Voyage Solo Canoe


For those looking for a beginner-friendly canoe, look no further than the Paddle Voyage, made for one person! This particular canoe is perfect as it is incredibly lightweight—only 59 pounds—comes with an aluminum paddle, and is 12.63 feet long. The canoe itself is very safe, flexible, and provides steady rowing. 

This canoe can hold up to 286 pounds, so make sure you consider every weight possibility before purchasing. However, it is made of high-density polyethylene, making it highly durable, wear-resistant, sun-proof, and puncture-proof. 


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fishing Canoe


There are many things you need to consider before getting a fishing canoe. For example, consider your weight capacity if you want to go fishing with your family. However, there are other things to consider, so let’s review them quickly.


1. Stability


The first thing you want to look at is stability. For example, many people love to get up to stretch their legs while fishing. Well, if the boat is highly rocky, then you will most likely not feel safe. 

Another example is if you are catching a large fish and need help reeling them in, then the last thing you want to do is worry about your boat while getting a fantastic catch. However, one solution is if you think your canoe is unstable enough, we recommend getting stabilizers to ensure your safety and that of others.


2. Fishing Canoe Portability


Do you want a canoe that is inflatable or non-inflatable? The odds are that an inflatable canoe will be lighter and more portable. On top of this, you can effortlessly put it inside the back of your trunk once you are done fishing. This is especially true if you go fishing frequently and want something easy to pull in and out of. 

However, another thing to consider is that getting a non-inflatable canoe is a fantastic option, as you can just put it in the water with ease instead of worrying about inflating and deflating. Just make sure you have the proper means of transportation for said boat (ex: on top of the car roof or a trailer.)


3. Specific Lengths for Fishing


Did you know that the length of your canoe can significantly impact how it performs in the water? For example, long and narrow canoes will go faster than a long and broad canoe. However, the wider canoe means it will be more stable. In that case, a wide canoe would be better for fishing as you can walk and stand on it better than the alternative. 

Other things to consider are what your local waters are like. If they are mostly made out of creeks, backwaters, and small ponds, then having something that can maneuver around is best as you will deal with smaller waters. Yet those who live near the ocean, rivers, and lakes should invest in a narrower canoe. 


4. Weight Capacity


Suppose you want to fish with your family or by yourself. In this case, it is extremely wise to consider the weight capacity. Consider how much your gear, food, and other items you might take on board weigh. Furthermore, due to fishing circumstances, ensure you have enough weight for all the fish you bring back! 

For example, if the total weight capacity of your canoe is 350 pounds and you weigh 250 pounds but want to bring your 40-pound dog along on the ride, then you will only have 60 pounds left for your fish and gear to come aboard with you. Because of this, you do not have a lot of weight available to keep all of your items, so we highly recommend keeping this in mind while shopping for the best canoes. 


5. Keel or No Keel


A keel is a fin-shaped piece that sticks underneath your canoe’s hull. This will help your canoe track better, hull resistance, and keep the boat from side slipping in crosswinds. Without a keel, your canoe can turn quicker but will not track as well as if you had one. 

Some canoes automatically come with a keel, but some do not. Different types of keels include integrated and retractable. If you are unsure if you need one, we recommend getting a keel for deeper waters, such as fishing in open waters or trolling. On the other hand, you may not need it if you are fishing in shallower water, like in a rocky river, or are close to the ground.  


6. Storage Maximization


Suppose you want space to store your belongings instead of out in the open, where they could slide back and forth. In this case, consider finding a canoe that provides storage maximization. 

On the other hand, you want to ensure a canoe for all your supplies. Many people tend to overpack as they might need something for “just in case” incidents. For example, if you get hurt on your journey and need a floating first aid kit, you have it on hand. It is better to be safe than sorry!


7. Anchor or Drift


Consider getting an anchor while fishing. If you have found the perfect spot where several fish are, having the option to stay put is perfect. However, some people prefer drifting with the current as the boat might be unable to hold that weight. In this instance, we recommend shopping around or getting this affordable small boat and canoe anchor.


Final Thoughts


To summarize everything, the best canoes are the ones that are durable and will last you a long time. Most importantly, whether you are fishing solo or in a group setting, we ensure you will have the time of your life! We hope this article has helped you in some way. If you would like to learn more information about canoes, we recommend checking out our other articles.

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