10 Fifth Wheel RVs With Front Living Rooms (With Examples)

If you are interested in purchasing a 5th wheel, there is a good chance that you have come across a new type of floor plan which has gained traction in recent years. The new floor plan mixes things up a bit by placing the living room at the front of the RV, where it connects to your truck. This new layout has become increasingly popular and provides a more traditional-feeling living room. But what are some good 5th wheels with front living rooms?

We have done extensive research, and we have gathered a list of our favorite 5th wheels which incorporate this design. 

  • Keystone High Country 377 FL
  • Keystone Alpine 3700 FL
  • Keystone Montana 3763 BP
  • Heartland Landmark Lafayette
  • Heartland Big Country 3902 FL
  • Heartland Milestone 379 FLML
  • Jayco North Point 382 FLRB
  • Jayco Pinnacle 38 FLGS
  • Coachmen Chaparral 334 FL
  • Coachmen Brookstone 344 FL

As you continue to read this article, we will briefly discuss what a front living room is and some noticeable pros and cons of front living room floor plans. Furthermore, we will provide a description for each of the living rooms in the 5th wheel on our list.

What is a Front Living Room Floor Plan?

When looking for a 5th wheel, you have likely seen some floor plans with a living room in the front of the RV. Traditionally, 5th wheel floor plans will have the master bedroom installed at the front of the RV, but 5th wheels with front living room floor plans will have the master bedroom located in the rear of the RV.

The front living room floor plan swaps the position of the master bedroom with the living room and provides more headroom to move around. Furthermore, with the living room located in the front of the RV, you can have larger slide-outs, support more weight, and provide more walking space in the living room.

Of course, this type of floor plan is not without its faults. The only downside we can see for front living rooms is the decreased headroom. As we previously mentioned, the master bedroom is usually located in the front of the RV, which would limit the headspace for its occupants. However, with a front living room floor plan, everyone who will use the living room will have to deal with the limited headspace, which can be tedious if you plan to host parties.

5th Wheel RVs with a Front Living Room Floor Plan

Now that you understand what a front living room is and its significant advantages and downsides, let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

Here we have 10 of our favorite 5th wheel floor plans with a front living room. We will provide pictures of the living rooms to give you a sense of what to expect. Furthermore, we will provide links to each of the 5th wheel floor plans on this list, which will provide heaps of information and 3D tours!

Keystone High Country 377 FL

The first RV on our list is the High Country by Keystone. The 377 FL floor plan comes with numerous high-quality features. For example, this floor plan has a beautiful kitchen packed with residential appliances, a full-size bathroom with a massive shower, and a large master bedroom with a king-sized bed. You will find a loft above the master bedroom, which houses some extra storage space and two additional bunk mats.

The living room is the focus of this RV and has ample seating options, including two couches and theater seating. The living room comes with a beautiful entertainment center which houses a TV, an electric fireplace, and a good amount of storage. The two couches in the living room have hideaway beds, which means this RV can sleep up to eight people.

Keystone Alpine 3700 FL

The next front living room floor plan on our list is the 3700 FL Alpine by Keystone. This floor plan offers some different features than the High Country. First off, the kitchen is slightly bigger, and the sink is located on a stylish island in the center of the RV. An additional bathroom is located in the kitchen, which gives the master bedroom its own bathroom. The kitchen also comes with residential appliances and ample storage space.

The front living room is very similar to the High Country, with some minor tweaks in design. The entertainment system is just as good as the High Country and comes with an electric fireplace and plenty of storage space. The most significant difference between the Alpine and High Country is that the couches in the Alpine are slightly larger. The two couches in the Alpine also unfold into beds to sleep more people.

Keystone Montana 3763 BP

The last Keystone 5th wheel on our list is the Montana. There are two front living room floor plans, but our favorite is the 3763 FL. This floor plan comes with a walk-in butler pantry, an extra-large double-basin sink, and residential appliances in the kitchen. The master bedroom houses a king-sized bed, a TV, tons of storage space, and a huge bathroom.

The living room is nearly identical to the High Country. The Montana has the same entertainment center, electric fireplace, and storage options. The only difference is that the two couches have three cushions instead of two, but the couches are the same size. These couches can also unfold into two additional beds, just like the other Keystone entries on this list.

Heartland Landmark Lafayette

Heartland is the following RV manufacturer on our list, which produces some tremendous 5th wheels. The Landmark is an excellent RV, and the Lafayette layout is easily one of our favorites. The dark wood furnishing through the RV gives a unique interior look, and the kitchen is packed with residential appliances, a deep-basin sink, a massive refrigerator, and a half bath. The master bedroom houses ample storage space, a full bathroom, and a king-sized bed with Heartland’s signature tilting technology.

The front living room has an impressive amount of living space and an entertainment center made of the beautiful dark wood we spoke about earlier. You will find a massive HD TV, tons of storage space, and an electric fireplace to keep everything warm in the entertainment center. The living room also has theater seating and two large love-seat couches that houses hideaway beds.

Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

The Big Country by Heartland is another fantastic 5th wheel with beautiful interior decor. The 3902 FL floor plan has a lot in common with the Lafayette floor plan, but with minor differences. First off, the kitchen is slightly smaller and yet has everything you need. The kitchen is just as large as the Lafayette floor plan, except it has two basins instead of one. The microwave and refrigerator are identical to the previous entry on our list. However, the stove and oven are larger.

The front living room has some differences as well. For example, the love-seat couches are more prominent, and the entertainment center is set up differently. The TV in this floor plan is smaller, but the entertainment center has more storage space. The theater seats are also a little larger than the Landmark’s. Finally, with more couches comes more hideaway beds.

Heartland Milestone 379 FLML

The last 5th wheel we will be looking at from Heartland is the Milestone, specifically the 379 FLML floor plan. This 5th wheel is the largest on our list so far and comes with a lot of impressive features. First off, the kitchen has the largest and most impressive refrigerator on this list. The refrigerator has an impressive 14 cubic feet of room and houses a temperature-controlled wine cabinet. The kitchen comes with residential appliances and covers for the stove and sink, which provides more counter space. Finally, the master bedroom is very spacious and comes with a king-sized bed, a full bath, and an impressive storage space.

The front living room is the main attraction of this floor plan, and it is our favorite so far. This living room comes with an entertainment center that houses a 50-inch TV, an electric fireplace, ample storage, and an impressive sound system. This floor plan also comes with very large couches, which can convert into two additional beds. Finally, the theater seating is very comfortable and comes with wireless recharging stations for your phone.

Jayco North Point 382 FLRB

Next on our list is a 5th wheel made by one of our favorite RV brands, Jayco. The North Point is Jayco’s top-selling 5th wheel, and its front living room floor plan is fantastic. The kitchen is beautiful and well organized. It comes with a two-basin sink, a four-burner stove, and a residential refrigerator and microwave. The kitchen also has a half bath located right next to the sink. The master bedroom is stunning and comes with a king-sized bed, an incredible amount of storage space, and a full bathroom with a large shower.

The front living room is the focal point for this RV, and Jayco has taken a different stance when designing the living room. All of the other living rooms on this list have the entertainment center at the very front of the RV. However, Jayco decided to swap the theater seating and entertainment center. This provides more walking space than the other 5th wheels, but some sacrifices are made to the entertainment center. For example, the TV and electric fireplace are pretty small when compared to the previous 5th wheels on this list. However, the couches and theater seats are extremely comfortable, and the extra space provided by the swap is an excellent addition.

Jayco Pinnacle 38 FLGS

Next up from Jayco is the Pinnacle model and its 38 FLGS floor plan. The biggest letdown for this RV is the kitchen. While the appliances are residential, and there is a big refrigerator, the kitchen feels very cramped. We think the kitchen in this floor plan feels cramped because the dinette does not have its own dedicated slide-out. Instead, it is packed in right next to the sink and the entertainment center. However, this cramped kitchen allows for a large master bedroom and a spacious living room.

The master bedroom houses tons of storage space, a king-sized bed, and the largest bathroom on this list so far. This full bath has a large walk-in shower, tons of walking space, and a washer and dryer.

The living room is organized the same way as the previous Jayco model. However, Jayco has found a way to include a larger TV and electric fireplace. As always, the couches come with hideaway beds for additional sleeping arrangements, and the theater seats are incredibly comfortable.

Coachmen Chaparral 334 FL

Coachmen are the next RV brand on our list, and their Chaparral model is the first 5th wheel we will be talking about. The Chaparral comes with a spacious kitchen that is equipped with residential appliances, a large refrigerator, and an expansive pantry. This kitchen also has tons of counter space. The master bedroom can be equipped with either a queen or king-sized bed and also comes with quite a bit of storage space and a large full bathroom to boot.

The living room returns to the traditional orientation, with the entertainment center being installed at the very front of the RV. This entertainment system has the most storage space on this list and comes with a 50-inch TV and a large electric fireplace. The couches are a little small but very comfortable. They can also be unfolded into two additional beds. Finally, the theater seats have insulated cup holders which can keep your drinks hot, cold, or at room temperature.

Coachmen Brookstone 344 FL

The next 5th wheel on our list is the Brookstone by Coachmen. This 5th wheel is very similar to the previous entry on our list, with some minor decor changes. For example, the kitchen is just as spacious and has all of the same appliances, but the main difference is the inclusion of a half bath instead of a pantry. This model sports dark wood furnishings compared to the lighter beige furnishings that the Chaparral has.

The living room is nearly identical to the previous living room we talked about. The most significant difference is the dark color that Coachmen decided to go with. However, the entertainment center has slightly more storage space due to its smaller electric fireplace. Furthermore, the couches unfold to reveal two extra beds, and the theater seats come with the same insulated cup holders.

Final Thoughts

Front living room floor plans are all the rage with 5th wheel owners right now. Over the past few years, nearly every RV brand has produced a floor plan that includes a front living room. These floor plans mix things up by placing the master bedroom in the rear of the RV and the living room in the very front. This increases the walking space in the living room while also giving the master bedroom more headspace. With that said, front living room RVs are definitely not for everyone, but we recommend taking a few tours at your next RV show to see for yourself.

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